Acupuncture is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine among Chinese nutrition science, Chinese pharmacopeia, Tui na massage, and energetic exercise. Based on an energetic and holistic approach, acupuncture acts on the Chi which circulates in the body by the way of the meridian lines. Needles are inserted into the surface of the skin and make it possible to stimulate these acupuncture specific points located along the meridian lines. It is useful to regularize the chi, and to act on the physiological functions and the corresponding organic functions. More

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs come from natural sources and have been proven to effective in healing for many generations. Most of the Chinese herbs that are sold in the market today have been used by the Chinese people since the 1st century Han Dynasty. According to experts, most types of Chinese herbs do not have any know side effects. Most people who taken certain types of Chinese herbs regularly do not complain of any negative changes in their body. Chinese herbal medicine is known for effectively treating more complex cases, even those that are beyond conventional medicine, and is often prescribed in combination with conventional medicine drugs. More

Tuina Massage

Tuina massage are based the energy principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practiced especially by using the fingers and the hands. Occasionallythe feet, the elbows, and even the knees can be used. According to the technique used, the operations can be applied to all the body or only one part as the skin, the muscles, the tendons, and the ligaments as well as specific points located along the meridian lines. The acupressure, the shiatsu, and the reflexology are related to Tuina. More

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